The soul of the world



We have forgotten we

The soul of the world is in pain it is crying it is wailing

It is unheard it is ignored

It is alive and breathing and forgotten

Where did I forget that I am you and I am the microbial life as I am a whale and I am water

Where did I forget that the material that makes me is in all life?

Where did I forget that I am a minuscule part broken off of a larger source?

I am not separate, every particle within my body is a microscopic part of a larger source

This larger source is broken off into billions and billions of particles dispersed in the world

As a mother always is connected to her child through a physical connection as her blood and DNA is in her child’s blood and DNA so they are forever interconnected

As our bodies are interconnected with every material on this planet

We cannot cut off our interconnection we can only cut off ourselves in our minds from the whole

We have delved into the realms of our minds and identified with its awesome potential to become the identity that we created, in our own head

We have used our brains to create the image of who we are, as the artist mistakes himself for his painting but forgets that the painting is an extension of himself and not himself

So, we have forgotten that our life is delicately intertwined with all life

We have become so self-absorbed in a false myth of success and domination that we have separated from ourselves and thus from all things

Why does the dying of whales, seas, forests, indigenous tribes, nations, animals, plants and life not affect us more deeply?

Why do we see that as a problem to be solved in the future after our immediate race for financial security?

Who’s lie did we buy and think it was our own truth?

What can be done with this deep sense of hopelessness as the images of the world’s collapse are imminent?

This sensation of estrangement from the seeming destiny of the planet…

Better to close the blinds and the windows and watch from a safe distance behind a virtual screen as the news bits can be scrolled through as we prefer to “like” a cat video than a nation starving. 

Better to numb ourselves than feel the pain of disconnection from life.

Better to numb ourselves than allow the connection and writhe in pain from the suffering of the entire planet

How to maintain hope?

How to believe?

How to start somewhere when it all seems as futile as an ant in front of a giant. 

Can we remember that we are part of life?

Can we remember the life that is affected with our every move?

Can we remember that my action is intertwined with the entire world?

How can I feel?

How can I feel?

How can I feel?

Can I dare to feel?

Can I spend my time not numbing but investigating?

Researching how my life’s actions are intertwined with all things?

How can I make one more sustainable action to promote life rather than destroy it?

Can I for once think in WE and not just in I?

Can I remember that if I think in WE, I’m supporting my I?