“If i died tomorrow

I can say I truly lived.” - Carly


I always knew life was short.

I always knew that today was precious and tomorrow was uncertain.

I dare to dream against all the odds.

I face my fears and step off cliffs when fear holds me by the throat.

I learn about my shadows daily and embrace my vulnerability.

I cry about the earth, human suffering, violence, hate and disconnection.

I feel connected to everything but at times it hurts.

My greatest accomplishment is becoming a real mother.

when my son was already 9

Although some could say it was when I was a TV model and Actress in Italy

Or when I travelled as a nomad for 10 years doing performances

Or when I lived in Paris, Milan or San Francisco

Or when I lived epic love stories numerous times.

I have to say I also fell into the deepest holes at times.

But I’ll tell you a secret, there is a bottom.

I have a gift of intuition.

I hear the voice of something greater and wiser.

It guides me in my life.

It tells my hands where to go when I heal.

It is the creative drive that finds beauty in lost places.

I know what it’s like to move forward trembling.

And I know the sweet deliciousness of surrendering.

My heart beats strong and life enthrals me.

I have known so much joy that I thought my body would burst.

I know my gifts are meant to be shared.

My greatest gift I can give you is to help you see the greatest gift

That you ARE.