Why is this called the freedom package ? Well, it’s a package that allows you just enough to deepen the knowledge of your body and the issues it would like to transform. Transformation always leads to more inner freedom.

How does it work ?

I give you a somatic massage and we see what issues are present in your body and discuss what areas of your life you would like to feel more fulfilment.

In the 2 somatic online coaching sessions (possible live sessions depending on availability) we will help work through techniques that will help you connect to your body, follow your inner guidance, and take steps towards what you would like to change or create in your life.

  • 1 somatic massage session (90 minutes)

  • 1 free 30 min intro call

  • 2 online coaching sessions (60 minutes each)

  • SPECIAL PRICE ! 285$ total (385$ value)