Custom Coaching

delving into the process of life transformation

What is alive for you now ?

What do you want to change ? Where do you want to feel alive, vibrant and fulfilled ?

Whether it be career, relationship, location, purpose or other, a 10 session package will enable you to be supported on your journey while contacting your inner body wisdom.

How will this work ?

I begin with hearing your situation and with you, identify the areas that need attention and development. We define what you don’t want, what you do want and what is keeping you from achieving your potential goals.

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Take a step forward

life is short

What is the process ?

Contrary to talk therapy, I believe in body wisdom. The mind can get in the way of really seeing what is best for us. I use visualisations, emotional intelligence, kinaesthetic movement, and body reading. Once the body and emotions speak, we define in words what is present and what needs to be acted upon.

10 online sessions

We will define the issues present. We will establish a clear plan and direction. As each session goes on we will work with “homework” or rather integration into life immediately, whether it means taking small (or big) steps. 10 sessions gives the possibility for an integral change to be incorporated into life and support all along the process.


10 one hour online sessions (occasional live sessions may be offered based on location)

You Save 410$

Price 59$ per session (590$ total a 1000$ value !)

Payment plans available.