If you can imagine


the universe can provide it. -Abraham Hicks

  • Would you like to feel fulfilled

  • be a contribution to the world

  • live what makes you feel alive

  • get out of a situation where you feel stuck, unhappy or just not growing ?

Happiness is growth.

If you’re not growing, something needs to change.


This is what we can do together to help facilitate that change :

  • learn to hear the wisdom of your body and your inner guidance

  • establish a regular practice that aids grounding and connection to self

  • recognise in your daily life what is aligned with your true self and what is not

  • draw upon your courage to face fears and doubts 

  • create a clear vision and define the steps needed to change your life

  • acquire the skills and tools necessary to make a significant change


Some tools we will use :

Somatic mind-body exercises

Visualisations/ Affirmations

Mind Mapping

Goal outlining

Access Bars energy clearing

Diet and health observations

Life Coaching techniques

Could we work together ? This is what i expect from my clients

  • Motivation to make change in their lives

  • Willing to actively collaborate with me for their growth and transformation

  • Ready to face their challenges

  • Capable of self learning and getting the most out of situations

  • After reviewing together, willing to commit to the custom program created for them

When kids say they want to be an astronaut, its not that they want to be an astronaut but they want to be what that feels like. 

What do you want to feel like in your ideal life ?


“I stand for…

the ones who don’t want to be told what to do or how to live.

For the ones that detest the mould and would rather die than live a humdrum boring life.

For the ones who always questioned the norm and fight not to be normalised.

For the ones that believe that there is a greater life to be lived than the one they want us to buy.

For the rebels at heart who truly yearn to live the flame that burns within.”

Carly Ko


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