Carly Ko is a :

Movement and yoga teacher
Massage and Access Bars therapist
Somatic Movement therapist
Professional Actress, Model and Performer

and a mother…

I always knew that life was short. I left home at 17 and made my way from Arizona to San Francisco to Europe. I went from street performer as a fire juggler, to fashion model and to television actress. I travelled as a nomad for 10 years and went to circus school in Paris. I fell in love 7 times. I used to be so shy that I would cry if I had to look someone in the eyes. I always knew that life was precious so I walked into the rooms of my deepest fears.

I am led by a higher knowing, one that is in communion with nature and all beings. I recognise myself as part of all. I teach and offer massage and life coaching because I believe in life. I believe that life is precious and shouldn’t be wasted, I believe that all people should be able to experience the beauty of themselves and share their gifts with the world. I believe in the magnificence hidden in all of us.


Studies :

International school of performing arts, Paris (AIDAS),

Painting with Edgar Saillen, Paris (Restoration Louvre)

Contemporary dance, Paris & Brussels  (MicadanseMenagerie de Verre)

Corporeal mime, Paris (Théâtre du Mouvement).

Accademia di Circo di Cesenatico, Italy (Circus School)

Yoga :

Iyengar (120 hours) Yog-ganga in Rajpur, India), Ashtanga (Ashtanga Yoga Paris), Bikram (Bikram yoga, AZ) and Kundalini.  Hatha Yoga (200 hours) in Sedona, AZ (7 centers yoga center). meditation retreat Vipassana , Belgium

Movement therapy :

Tamalpa Life Art Process, (500 hours) healing through movement, expressive arts, writing, drawing and NVC (non- violent communication) in France and in San Francisco, USA.

Massage and Energy Healing :

Access Bars ®, Bordeaux

Therapeutic Touch, Bordeaux

Links :

Performance archive (flash)

Youtube channel